January 31, 2019

Special tree surgery applications in Scotland: Fuso Canter "operates" on trees at LJX Tree Services

  • LJX Tree Services buys third Fuso Canter in six months
  • Fully equipped vehicles for specialised tree surgery applications
  • Tipping body, tool box: ideal for arboricultural and tree felling work
  • Available at short notice, compact, highly manoeuvrable, payload of up to 4 t and room for teams of three, enabling LJX to perform efficient tree surgery

Stuttgart / Glasgow − Tree pruning and felling as well as site clearances are all in a day's work for LJX Tree Services, one of Scotland's leading tree surgery specialists. In the last six months company boss Dan Kerr has already purchased three Fuso Canter trucks and integrated them into his fleet In Langbank on the south bank of the river Clyde, west of Glasgow. His latest vehicle, of which he has just taken delivery and which is helping him expand his rapidly growing business, is a 3.5-tonne Fuso Canter 3C13, which achieves 96 kW (130 hp). It joins another vehicle of this type and a Fuso Canter 7C15 with 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight and 110 kW (150 hp), which LJX has been using for the last six months. All three Fuso Canter trucks have the Comfort cab measuring 1995 mm in width. Their 3.0-litre turbo-diesel engines are fast, they save fuel and are combined with Duonic dual-clutch transmission.


LJX's Fuso Canter vehicle trio boasts a very special extra: the British Mercedes-Benz dealer Euro Commercials offers the Fuso Canter vehicles as fully equipped vehicles with special bodies developed specifically for tree surgery applications, directly from their warehouse. The 3.5- and 7.5-tonners have rear-mounted tipping bodies offering sufficient capacity for transporting tree cuttings, dead branches, leaves and bio-mass chipping. The vehicles are also equipped with a lockable tool box between the Comfort cab and tipping body. These features maximise the operational efficiency of the versatile Canter in tree and landscape management.


The fact that the vehicles can be delivered quickly from a single source at an attractive price, the absence of long assembly and conversion times, the economic efficiency and the high payload − up to four tonnes in the case of the Fuso Canter 7C15 − have made Dan Kerr a Canter fan. "The Canter is a proper little truck and an ideal vehicle for any kind of tree management and felling work," he says. He sees major advantages in carrying out his work from both private and public customers with the Canter, in applications where parking and manoeuvring in narrow roads is on the daily agenda, above all because it requires little space and is so easy to manoeuvre. Thanks to the three-seater cab Kerr can also send an entire team of tree surgeons out to work in a single vehicle. This saves him a huge amount of time and money, for LJX now operates across Scotland's entire Central Belt between Glasgow and Edinburgh.



It has a high payload, is easy to manoeuvre, doesn't take up much space and comes with efficient special equipment. This makes the Fuso Canter the ideal vehicle for the teams working for Scottish tree surgery specialist LJX Tree Services.



LJX Tree Services uses the Fuso Canter with a tipping body and tool box for tree surgery measures between Glasgow and Edinburgh.



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