July 21, 2016

Stylish interior – thanks to the Fuso Canter

  • Efficient furniture transport with Fuso Canter
  • Tough, agile and powerful
  • On the road throughout the UK

Stuttgart / Manchester - Providing a one-stop furnishing solution for the private rental sector is a demanding business which requires a tremendous degree of organisation. It also requires the utmost reliability. Logistics company Loft Interiors of Manchester – which operates throughout the UK – has found the perfect vehicle for transporting furniture to and from the depot and between properties. When it came to procurement the vehicle of choice was the Fuso Canter. Seven Fuso Canter 3C13 trucks fitted with five-metre box bodies are now on the road throughout the UK.



The distinctive Fuso Canter models with furniture box body cover the length and breadth of the UK.


The robustness of a truck, the agility of a van

One of the reasons that Fuso, a Daimler brand, was awarded the contract, is because of the outstanding reliability and robustness of the small truck, designed in Japan and manufactured in Portugal.

Company owner Robert Hall: "Unlike most 3.5 tonne vehicles, which are van-based, the Canter is a proper little truck." On the one hand the chassis has the robust frame construction of a truck and on the other hand the Canter offers the effortless manoeuvrability of a van, which is crucial, since furniture transport can involve destinations where access is difficult and space is restricted. There is no shortage of output either, with the turbo diesel engine delivering 96 kW (130 hp) and impressive pulling power. One of the Loft Interiors vehicles is equipped with the duonic dual-clutch transmission, which allows automated gearshifts without interrupting the tractive power. Loft Interiors' decision to switch to Fuso was also influenced by Fuso's comprehensive range of services, including the manufacturer warranty with unlimited mileage and financing by Mercedes Benz.


Constantly on the move between Aberdeen and Land's End

Loft Interiors, which provides furnishing solutions for landlords and property managers, was founded 14 years ago and has expanded across the UK. As Robert Hall points out: "We have customers as far afield as Aberdeen and Land's End, so it is a true nationwide service. We make full use of the available payload, which means that strength and durability, as well as reliability, are the key attributes that we need in a vehicle. Having researched the market, we concluded that the Canter would best meet our requirements." In addition to the seven Canter models, the company also runs a Mercedes-Benz Vito.



Ready for the next express deliveries: Loft Interiors' Fuso Canter 3C13 trucks and Mercedes-Benz Vito.



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