Oktober 8, 2015

Well covered with the Fuso Canter

  • Slovakian roofing company Maslen counts on the reliability and performance of its modern Fuso Canter fleet
  • The nimble Fuso Canter light-duty truck embodies transport volume and payload

Stuttgart/Badin - Businessman Pavol Maslen has left nobody out in the rain for more than 20 years. His company builds metal roofs and realised almost 1.3 million square metres of roofing in Southeast Europe, including in the economic zone of the Austrian neighbours, with the energetic support of its 12 Fuso Canter trucks.


Nimble Fuso Canter fleet in delivery operations

Maslen attributes much of the success of the company based in Banská Bystrica in Central Slovakia to the performance of his fleet. Apart
from six more heavy-duty Mercedes-Benz trucks, twelve modern Fuso Canter 3C15 trucks handle the demanding logistics job of delivering the metal roof components to the customers just in time. Roofing work does not tolerate delays – absolute reliability is required of the supplier.

The high level of trust in the Fuso products from Daimler Trucks and the great experiences with the Fuso Service organisation were the key reasons for Maslen to switch back to an in-house fleet after having worked with an outside logistics company. „Our customers expect absolute on-time delivery. We can only realise that with our own efficient truck fleet,“ as Pavol Maslen explains his decision in favour of adding the hard-working Fuso Canter trucks to their own fleet.


Economical and efficient on the way to the customers

In operations that change on a daily basis, the equally nimble and economical 3.5-tonne platform trucks pull a tandem axle trailer with a gross weight of likewise 3.5 tonnes if required. As a result, apart from large platform dimensions, the compact combination also delivers outstanding payload for transporting sheet metal from the production facilities to the customers. The total payload of 3350 kg results from a vehicle payload of 850 kg plus 2500 kg trailer payload. The majority of the Fuso Canter trucks in the Maslen fleet are powered by the highly responsive four-cylinder engine rated at 150 hp.

The versatile Fuso Canter trucks in the Maslen fleet do their jobs with flying colours. The slim Canter combination scores points with unrivalled manoeuvrability, even at cramped drop-off points on construction sites. The duo of businessmen praises its twelve Canter trucks, always bought in pairs since 2007, for their outstanding ratio of performance to fuel consumption and payload. In the eyes of Pavel Maslen, the laudable productivity of the all-purpose 3.5-tonne truck is unsurpassed.


Minimising operating costs by eliminating tolls

In everyday use, the Fuso Canter scores points due to the fact that a 3.5-tonne truck is not subject to tolls on most European motorways. Since the Fuso Canter trucks frequently operate in neighbouring countries, the extensive service network throughout Europe played a key role for Maslen in the purchase decision. After twelve years of experience with the Canter, Pavol Maslen gives it top marks: „A truck that never leaves us in the rain either!“ 



The Fuso Canter fleet of roofing company Maslen from Central Slovakia provisions construction sites in Southeast Europe with metal roofs. Last year, the hard-working 3.5-tonne trucks transported almost 1.3 million square metres of metal roof. 

Optimally prepared: the twelve Fuso Canter vehicles in use at Maslen earn their money as nimble and economical light-duty trucks. A tandem axle trailer makes increasing the transport volume and payload a cinch.

The transport vehicles of the roofing company are expected to be absolutely reliable on a permanent basis. The Fuso Canter trucks are at their best in this regard.


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